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Shipping policy

How do I get my package tracking?

Click Print Invoice and you will see the tracking number for your current order. Go to or the assigned shipper the website of your assigned shipper, if not USPS, or the assigned shipper and insert the tracking number to see the latest tracking information.

Has my order shipped?

Typically orders are processed daily by 2 pm eastern standard time if your order is received after 2 pm eastern standard time it will be processed the next business day. For example, if you order at 2:30 p.m. on a Friday, it will be processed Monday excluding Holidays. All shipments have tracking numbers, delivery, signature confirmation and postal insurance included in the shipping cost. Use or the assigned shipper to check your package status.

How do I change quantities or cancel an item in my order?
Please note that once an order has begun processing or has shipped, cannot be modified or canceled. You may contact to request assistance.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with your tracking number by the shipping company you selected. You will then be able to track your package. Please note it could take up to 3 business days before you receive your tracking number. You may contact us anytime if you have problems with your tracking at

When will my order arrive?

USA clients typically receive orders within two to five business days. International orders are shipped using international priority mail services. Transit time will vary depending on your countries customs clearance time, typical transit time is five to seven business days.

Damaged or reshipped order?

Customers who require a reshipment should contact to request reshipments for lost or damaged orders. We do not refund returned or damaged packages. We will reship a new order to you to replace the lost or damaged package. The same procedure is used for reshipped orders. All orders are delivered by or the assigned shipper or your country’s postal service. Your package tracking indicates your countries customs is processing your package. This is completely normal; if you notice it does not come out of customs after 3 working days you should then find out why. Your order was not shipped with an invoice or customs declaration so you cannot claim it as a gift, 99% of the time customs clears the packages to your postal service without issue. This is just a notice to help you understand where your package is at in the delivery process. If you need to claim a value & customs requires an invoice you can log into your account and print out your invoice. We use to ship and track international priority mail packages.1. You should watch this status daily.2. If your package does not move or change status after 3 or 4 working days, you should then contact your postal office to see what is holding up your package. We cannot change or modify a shipment once it has been picked up and scanned into the USPS system. We are not the shipping company we use international priority mail to deliver all international packages. You are the importer for your order and are responsible for its progress once it has reached your countries customs. In the terms and conditions of the website agreed upon at the time of purchase you agreed and Phen700 agrees to export orders under USA laws and customs regulations. As the Importer, you are responsible for the importation of your product and it is clearly stated that once the tracking number from the united postal service shows to have received by your countries customs the package is then considered as delivered by Phen700

Importing internationally

Orders are exported by Phen700 to you, the importer. We have complied with all legal documents required to export your order to you via the United States Postal Service. Once the product is shipped and leaves our warehouse or jurisdiction, the responsibility then falls upon the importer. Since each country is different and each country’s customs operates independently, we are unable to offer advice on importing into your country. We do not, however, ship to any known problem country. If your country is listed in the shopping cart then our exports are being received and no known problems exist. All duties, taxes, additional shipping fees or special permits required by your country’s customs for importation are your responsibility as an importer. If your customs holds the product, you are responsible since you are the importer. You will need to resolve any issues with your local customs. This is highly unlikely but it is possible, as there are hundreds of different countries. Postal and customs laws can change at any time within each country. All shipping fees will be displayed in the shopping cart at time of checkout. If you country is not displayed in our list contact customer support at we will do our best to add your country.

When will my order ship and what are my shipping charges?

Once you have placed an order you will receive a copy of the transaction, with a tracking number form your assigned shipper and estimated time of arrival to your state or country. Print a copy of your receipt for you records. If you do not get a copy of the transaction contact us at

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